This is us


Nadine Blatter (President)

I am married, mother of 3 children (2007; 2015; 2017) and a qualified physiotherapist. I like to be outside with my family and was a member of the Schmitten gymnastics club until 2019.


Together with Gisela Durrer, I started the project "Vo härzä für Frühchen und Stärnechind".

At the beginning of 2018, I joined a German association that sews for star children and premature babies and gave me the opportunity to bring this offer to Switzerland. However, since it was very cumbersome to organize everything about Germany, we had the idea to break away from our mother club and become independent in Switzerland.


Now I am the contact person and organize, sew or crochet in my free time for this wonderful project.



Gisela Durrer (technical manager)
I am married & Mommy of 2 kids 11 & 13 years.
I love nature, love to sew and read and enjoy drinking a glass of wine with dear friends.

I work on a night shift in a home for the handicapped and work in a voluntary death care group in our community.

I would like to support families with my heart from the bottom of my heart - with us in the family we also have asterisks ... that's why I think it's nice when you get help.

At "Vo härzä für Frühchen und Stärnechind" I put together the patterns that we need for premature babies and asterisks.

Andrea Bartels (secretary)

I am a trained medical practice assistant, but have been working at the secretariat of a medical laboratory for a few years.

I am married, mother of 3 children (2015, 2016 and 2017) and live with my family in the lake district of the beautiful canton of Friborg.


When I started sewing recently, I was looking for a sensible use for the smaller pieces and came to sew premature and star clothing.

Although my contribution is comparatively small, I am pleased that I can support Nadine and the association and hope that it will provide some comfort to the affected parents or relieve a few worries in difficult times.


Cindy Kolly

Treasurer and board member


Irene Käser-Aebischer

Kinesiologin in 3185 Schmitten

Ruth Rohrbach

Claudia Allemann

Ruth Binggeli

Elsa Hauert


Gabriela Vogler-Hess


Esther Gasser

Susanne Spielmann

Claudia Bürgisser


Jolanda Schaller-Stempfel

Doula in 3185 Schmitten


Corinne Vaucher

Beatrice Stocco

Lea Kollbrunner

Verena Marino

Erika Wölfli


Karin Gasser


Sandra Gaugler


Erika Glasl

Susanne Steiger


Natalie Gnägi


Andrea Zürcher


Sigrid Pischel


Sylvia Baer


Monique Gerzabek Magnol


Verena Frauchiger

And other members who do not want to be named.